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“My Golf Buddies Called It The Luckiest Day Of Putting They Had Ever Seen. There’s No Way I Could Tell Them That Luck Had Nothing To Do With It.”

WARNING: If you are not prepared to see a dramatic improvement in your putting ability, with NO PRACTICE at all, then please, do not read any further!

From: Paul Hobart, PGA Class “A” Golf Professional
Where: Teaching Joe Member To Be A Putting GOD At A Fancy Private Golf Club in Ohio

I’ve heard all the lines before…change your game, drop 20 strokes, blah, blah, blah. I’ve literally spent thousands, on teachers, books, clubs, balls… you name it, I’ve bought it. And they all make huge promises to immediately improve my game with “simple” adjustments to what I was already doing. Like most golfers, I’m pretty cynical about anything that promises immediate improvement. Before becoming an instructor, I used to think that getting better just meant hard work, and lots of it!

Well as it turns out, that is one way to get better. I’ve played 2,000+ rounds and spent at least 10,000 hours perfecting my craft. But seriously, who has that much free time to spend perfecting minute details of their golf game?

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“Putt Better Tomorrow”

I know what you’re thinking: this is another one of those empty promises… I’ve already read dozens of books promising, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I can play better golf with no effort… what makes this any different?

Hopefully those words above jumped off the page at you. Who wouldn’t want to putt better tomorrow? You’ve probably been perfecting a lousy game your entire golf career. You’re probably asking “how can this guy fix my game overnight?”

Paul’s e-book, Banana Putting, is simply a gem…a rare find in today’s golf instruction! Paul does not bore you with technique or what type of putter is best for you; he gives you a simple putting “blueprint”, 5 easy steps that anyone can master. My first time out this year after a long winters nap, I had 27 putts! My players partners where amazed, and yes we won the member guest!

Editor In Chief

The Same Way I Fixed My Game Overnight!

In reality, it wasn’t really overnight. Because I took years to develop and perfect the techniques that seem so simple, it astounded me no one had already taught them to me. My friends and fellow pros have always been amazed at my ability to consistently make putts, and my students are amazed at how their improvement comes immediately.

The steps are so simple that even my friends easily missed them. I’ve made my system so easy, so straight-forward, there is no doubt you will be able to knock 5-10 strokes off of your putting, and your golf game.

You’ll literally know exactly what to do to make as many putts as possible.

Using the Banana Putting System, you’ll learn:

  • Why Reading The Line Is A Complete Waste Of Time

  • How To Make Putts With A Range Ball And Putter From The Local Putt-Putt

  • Why Having A Perfect Putting Stroke Does You No Good

  • Why Most Pro’s Idea Of Practice Is A Waste Of Time

  • The Difference Between Being A Great Putter, And Making The Ball Go In The Hole

  • How All The Things You’ve Been Doing To Putt Better Are A Waste Of Time

  • Exactly Why You Have Good And Bad Days On The Green

  • How To Quickly Identify The Perfect Speed For Any Putt

  • A Fool-Proof Method For Being Quiet And Calm As You Address The Ball

  • Why You Need To Stop “Reading The Green”

I’ll Prove That You Can Putt As Well As Tiger Woods!

If I didn’t know better, I would swear he had read my book! Although just like Woods, you will be able to make clutch putt after clutch putt, and do it day after day.

The best part is, these techniques require no practice at all! All they require, is that you start doing them!

This book will open up your “golf mind” to a new way of thinking about putting. No longer do you simply have to smack the ball across the green and towards the cup.

I’ll teach you a new way to look at and think about putting, in about the time it takes you to play 6 or 7 holes.

What’s The Zoom On Your Camera Got To Do With Great Putting?

That is just one of the radical concepts presented in my system. Some of this stuff is so different from what you’ve read in books, and seen on TV. No one has ever told you to look at putting this way.

Here’s a few more:

  • What’s A Radio Have To Do With Great Putting Success?

  • How To Properly Use Your Eyes

  • Why Great Putting Begins In The Fairway

  • 5 Key Pieces Of Information You Need To Have Before Every Putt

  • How Your Playing Partners Will Willingly Help You Beat Them On Every Hole

  • When Having “Rabbit Ears” Is A Good Thing

  • How To Use Your Feet To Gather Information, And When To Ignore Them

  • How To Use Feelings Of Fear And Nervousness To Your Advantage

  • Why Your Stroke Isn’t Bad, Your “Strokes” Are

  • How To Make “Putting Like A Sissy” Work To Your Advantage

  • Why You Miss So Many Putts On The Low Side, Even If You Know The Break

  • How To Quickly Turn Around A Bad Putting Day, Before The Next Green

And Isn’t That What You Really Want?


To have all the guesswork taken out of the equation?

To have Step-By-Step instructions?

To know that you’re on the way to the best golf game of your life?

Everything is answered for you in plain English. Every step is laid out. There is no doubt this system works. Plain and simple. And if you follow the simple steps laid out in this book, you will cut 5-10 strokes off of your putting. That is my personal promise to you and I’m willing to back it up!

Just imagine the feeling of calm that will come over you when you sink that first putt using these simple techniques. How will that feel?

Don’t Take My Word For It, Listen To What These Golfers Have To Say:

I just finished reading your guide book, Banana Putting, and can only say “EXCELLENT”! I thought it was extremely well thought out and easy to follow, and am looking forward to spending some time on the practice green employing the methodology you obviously gave a great deal of thought to. In anticipation of doing just that, I’ve already printed out page 58 and will put it in my bag as a reminder to follow your directions in an orderly fashion. Although there are no “silver bullets” here, the very straightforward list of the key points should be a constant reminder of the age-old KISS principle…. Keep It Simple, Stupid! Thanks again for sharing your expertise with me, and I look forward to a more consistent putting game in the near future.

In Golf,
Rick Laylin
Dublin, Ohio

Paul Hobart has written one of the best and most visual golf training tools in recent memory. His methodology and visualization using the banana shape as a focal point is amazingly simple and effective.

Golfers at all levels will certainly benefit from this book. I certainly have never been considered a ‘good’ putter but my confidence and results have soared by implementing the techniques Paul offers up in this book. All I have to do is go through the 5 simple steps and visualize what Paul describes beautifully for me. I have become much more aware of key elements that will affect my putt, some things I never took the time to assess in the past. The Banana Putting format helps take the mechanics out of my mind. That alone is PRICELESS!

I encourage everyone who struggles with putting or who putts well enough but wants to improve to go to the next level or lower their handicap to grab a copy of this book. Of course, even with my new found confidence I still want double-digit strokes if I ever play against Paul!!

Sherry Tabb, Tee ‘M Up Enterprises
Home Of Ladies on the Tee Golf Blog at

Paul Hobart has put together an extremely insightful and helpful guide on putting designed to take any level of player to their greatest potential. In a sport filled with excessive amounts of teaching aides and technical feedback diagnostics, it is refreshing to see such a simple, but systematic approach to improvement in putting. I will not only use this putting system for myself, but will recommend it to golfers of all levels from recreational to professional.

Susan Hill
President of

Paul has taken the teaching of putting to a whole new level that will benefit golfers of all skill levels.

Sean Kenily
PGA Professional
Nashport, Ohio

After reading “Banana Putting,” it made me realize that my ability to putt well was a skill I already had. And by following 5 simple steps, I can begin to work towards unleashing my inner Tiger Woods on the putting greens. Learning to putt well doesn’t have to be difficult, and Paul Hobart does a great job of explaining the art of putting.

Rob Hayashida
Golf blogger, photographer, interviewer

Every golfer knows that the key to slashing strokes is mastering the flat stick. But hours on the practice green just isn’t cool or sexy – I’d rather be smashing drives on the range! Banana Putting solves this dilemma. With unique insights and drills, Banana Putting is both time efficient and effective. It has allowed me to reduce both my handicap and my practice time. The best thing to happen to putting since the tap-in!

Stephen Ladd
Renegade Mindset Coach

From the first page of Banana Putting, I knew it was a special book. In contrast to other putting instruction, the book is easy to understand and put into practice, in fact, the concepts don’t even require practice at all! You will see immediate, repeatable, and lasting results. Simply put, it’s the best money you’ll spend on a golf book this year. If you play your cards right, after reading Banana Putting, you’ll recoup the cost of the book during your first round, provided your playing partners haven’t also read it!

Alan Hammond
Managing Editor

The whole point of this is to shave valuable strokes off of your game… and to do so with absolutely no doubt… knowing every simple step you’ve got to take to have GUARANTEED putting success.

In fact, I’m so confident this system will work for you to save you strokes on your game, that I’m more than willing to put ALL the risk on me, with my 100% money back guarantee.

Put simply, when you try the “Banana Putting System” today, I promise you’ll save 5-10 strokes off your game in the next 60 days. If not, we’ll refund you every single penny you paid AND let you keep the book for free!

Limited Special Offer

Let’s be honest. To get this kind of knowledge, you’d usually have to pay hundreds or thousands to get private lessons with someone like me. And it would take months or years to learn all the secrets I’ve detailed in my book.

Normally this system sells for $69 and honestly, you won’t find a more complete system anywhere else online.

Even at that price, the moment you sink your first putt after learning all my most valued secrets, will feel like you just save thousands on private lessons. (And even more when you play for money with friends and win every bet!)

However, I want more people to try my system. To be able to get over their golf slump and lousy putting and be able to really enjoy the sport I’ve devoted my entire life to. I’ve even convinced some of my valued golf industry friends to kick in some special bonuses for you to make this a really great deal.

Every one of these special reports contains information that I use and believe in, and will really give you an advantage the next time you tee it up.

The Top Ten Golf Fitness Exercises

Not all exercises are created equal. If you want to develop flexibility, stability, strength and power (all the essentials for a complete golf game) in order to nail longer drives, drain more putts and have the stamina to play 36 holes on back to back days, then you need to choose the best exercises. Expert Golf Fitness Coach Susan Hill (trainer to thousands of golfers worldwide) gives you the ten with the biggest bang for your golfing buck. Downloadable PDF format. ($20 value)

Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practice.

We all know that we “should” practice, but who has the time! In this report, discover the keys to improving your golf game with the bare minimum of practice, leaving more time to be out on the links. By Craig Sigl, the creator of the (in)famous Break 80 Without Practice. Downloadable PDF format. ($20 value)

Renegade Mind Tricks for Golf

Trying to figure out the “mental game?” Coach Stephen Ladd brings you a series of powerful, yet simple and entertaining mind tricks that will allow you to immediately achieve laser focus and confidence on the course. Change your mind, change your results. This stuff is incredibly effective. Coach Stephen is a cutting-edge golf mental game specialist, pioneering the use of energy psychology and his Renegade Mindset Techniques – often referred to as mental/emotional acupuncture; but without the needles! His unique coaching style and techniques have been used successfully by golfers in over 72 countries. Downloadable PDF format. ($20 value)

Wendi’s Mind Game Hypnosis Session

Ready for a game changer? The Mind Game Hypnosis Session will help you understand how quickly and easily you can improve your game. Hypnosis is used by pro golfers to overcome a slump, cure the yips, and instantly transform bad game and stop intimidation or fear on the course.

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Paul Hobart
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